Another D300 vs D7000 post !

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Re: Another D300 vs D7000 post !

I just replaced my D300s with a D7000, got a good price for the D300s. I bought the D300s before last summer, not wanting to wait longer for the D90 replacement and not really expecting it to be such an upgrade in terms of important features (i.e. AF, viewfinder, Ai-s metering, double cards). Since the arrival of the D7000 with all its improvements, I was really in doubt wether to change, but did so for the following reasons:

  • The better dynamic range and high ISO (but the extra 4MP I don't care)

  • I wanted a more compact body

  • The AF is important when tracking my kids around (my D70 couldn't quite keep up), and according to reviews it appears the AF of the D7000 loses very little compared to the D300s.

  • Loosing separate AF-on (must have) and AE-lock buttons is a con, but I figured I would get by with reprogramming AE-lock to AF-on

  • I don't shoot contiunous bursts, so fps and buffer size does not mattter to me

Well, after using it for a couple of weeks, these are my thoughts

  • The IQ is definitely a step up and up to my expectations. The dynamic range is amazing, visibly better than the D300s in shadow areas both with respect to noise and tonal gradation.

  • The metering is excellent - just remember to dial in -0.3 to -0.7 EV in bright conditions.

  • The compact body is certainly nice, and makes it nicer to carry around - but , on the flipside, the grip is more cramped for my long fingers, and the shutter and AF-on (AE lock) buttons are not as conveniently placed.

  • Build quality is not up to D300s standard. In particular, the the shutter button feels cheaper when pressing it - it does not have the same soft feeling as with the D300s. So with respect to portability vs. ergonomics tradeoff, I'd say it was all in all a small step back

  • The U1 and U2 buttons are nice, and more readily accessible than the D300s custom settings banks. But, as many have noted, the settings wheel is to easily moved out of position inadvertently.

  • The AF speed seems more than adequate for my needs, I'm not able to notice a difference to the D300s. To birders an sport photogrpahers this might be different though.

So, all in all, to me it was (just) worth it on reaons of the sensor improvement alone. But one should seriously consider that it's a step back in terms of ergonmics and build quality - and also buffer capacity as I understand.

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