DxO optics

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Re: DxO optics

If you have a supported lens/body combination, I think it's very good for automated corrections. So I use it for automated corrections for lens distortion, key stoning, noise reduction, and exposure compensation. It is also great--actually amazing--at pulling more detail out of high iso or dark pictures.

That being said, for adjusting individual pictures or parts of pictures, I much prefer Aperture or Photoshop.

As far as organizing pictures goes, I find DxO hopeless. Aperture and Lightroom have much better implementations. If you use DxO, plan on having an alternative method of organizing pictures.

It's definitely worth it's price, but it's not a full workflow solution. If you're just starting out, Lightroom or Aperture are probably a better option. If you want the highest quality, or if you are frustrated by difficult to fix images, or if you routinely take high ISO or otherwise challenging images, DxO might be the next program to buy.

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