Do You Trust The Rumor Site

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Do You Trust The Rumor Site

Sony Alpha Rumors would like DP Review to ad links to its site. I think that it is ridiculous.

Couple days there was a Google message not to open the site, bacause it includes dangerous malware.

I did not open it then, but opened it before the message and my computer slowly went caput. I can't even install Windows on it again. First thing it did was to indicate that the net connection was down and then I noticed that it also turned off my Antivirus protection.

I did not realize then that it was the site that sent me the warm, or whatever, to my PC, so after some time I connected another computer to the site. Slowly the same thing happened.

The owner of the site claims that his site was attacked by some virus that attacked other sites throughout Europe.

I know a guy, who was sending the owner made up information and the owner claimed, on his site, that this was his trusted source.

When Sony asked him about a source of one of the rumors, he named the source. It was some Chinese site. No responsible journalist, etc. would ever reveal the source.

I gather the guy has no sources, except spents searching foreign sites and is the first one to bring the news in English language.

He destroyed two of my computer and there was not even sorry. He claimed that someone else was responsible. He is responsible to secure his site. No malware was sent to members from DP Review.

I'm blackmailing this German man. He asks for donation. He would like to stay with his readers during vacations, so he does not have to pay for hotels. He claims to be a documentary filmmaker. Does anybody know who is he? He certainly showed lack od video camera knowlege in the past.

I would like to know what is your guy's opinion on this.


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