opinions on Sigma 50 1.4

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Re: opinions on Sigma 50 1.4

mg_k wrote:

Thanks for all the replies....guess its a hit or miss with sigma....too risky by the sound of it.

i really want the better build and the performance that comes with it when it's functioning as it should....but sounds like too much of a gamble.

I think the "risk" can be minimized by getting it at the local camera store, you can actually test it out first before you buy, or if you have to buy it from online store, make sure use the ones with good reputation, good return, exchange policy, so in case you need to do exchange, I wouldn't even mess around with micro adjustment or send in to Sigma for calibration or any crap like that, if it doesn't work right out of the box, send it back get a new one, I know lots of friends get a perfectly working Sigma 50 and 85 just right out of the box the first time. To me it's definitely worth the efforts and hassles after I compared my Canon and my friend's Sigma back then, but just like all the Sigma 50 and 85 owner friends I know, I got a so-called "working copy" the first time. I am sure there is "bad copies " out there, but just may be not as wide spread as the internet makes it sounded like.

I am no Sigma fans and this is actually my only Sigma.

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