in praise of RawTherapee, "Amaze" demosaicing algorithm

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Raw Therapee's not doing well on your Linux box?

My sole experience is with a Windows PC, interesting to hear you find RT Raw Therapee unusable on Linux. Wonder if you went to some other person's linux box, where they were successfully running a good photo editor, and installed RawTherapee on that box, if it would be just as wildly wrong as it is on your machine.

After verifying problems on a second Linux this point, considering how much money's been spent on my entire stable of photo stuff, if I was in your shoes and had to run Linux, I would go out and buy a cheap, used PC with a crummy monitor, Windows XP and a gigabyte of RAM and a USB port. Just to run RT as the first step in dealing with my images. Have no need for an accurate monitor on my RT box, because all'd be doing with it is demosaicing, pre-sharpening and maybe chromatic aberration correcting. Then would copy those images to my Linux box for all the rest of my editing.

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