in praise of RawTherapee, "Amaze" demosaicing algorithm

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of course comparison needed: Amaze vs ADR. Here.

Silly of me to praise RawTherapee with Amaze demosaicer+RL Deconvolution special multi-pass, mild sharpening, as a raw file converter, with 5-pass false color suppression--without showing easy comparison with older ADR converters that most of us are probably (e.g. Picture Window Pro is) using.

In the sample photos below, hopefully presented at 100% size, are fragments of 4 versions of the Nex raw image file, arrayed above the full scene. The 4 snippets are demosaiced with either a quite typical ADR algorithm embedded into many a converter, or the newer "Amaze" demosaicing algorithm. The Amaze algorithm is available for example in the quite excellent freeware RT RawTherapee program.

  1. First photo on left, a standard ADR demosaiced, unsharpened photo.

  2. 2nd image from left, an Amaze demosaiced photo from RT, which has also been mildly sharpened by RT's "RL Deconvolution" option with its RT defaults. The "RL Deconvolution" to my eye does not do any of the haloing that is usually visible with traditional "unsharp mask" sharpening. RT was also set for the maximum 5 passes of false color suppression, which is intended to (and appears to in this example) get rid of many a speckled-red-and-blue moire pattern problem. As seen in the image of the pink textured awning at the top of the images. RT's moire suppression alone was enough convince me to switch permanently to RT for initial processing of all images.

  3. 3rd image from left, the standard ADR image after putting through a classic "Radius 1" unsharp mask.

  4. last image on right, the Amaze image after putting through a classic "Radius 1" unsharp mask.


Will only add to your own judgement about image quality from the above samples, that RT with its various multi-pass algorithms took much longer (but less than a minute) to develop the raw image on my dual core, 2.4ghz PC laptop. Compared to the few seconds it took to do ADR de-mosaicing.

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