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Re: OK but smaller lenses are still cheaper to make

With your reasoning, there is absolutely no reason why the Olympus 50mm F2 Macro should cost roughly the same as a Canikon 50mm F1.4; same FL, but smaller image circle, etc.

But then it does because it's a macro, i.e. more specialized lens, with a closer working distance. It is also tack sharp across the frame even wide open. By F4, it is painfully sharp (across the frame). The Nikon 50mm F1.4 doesn't reach the same even sharpness till F8.

See the tests for yourself:

Lenses are not priced like bulk food from Costco, i.e. more money for more material.

antoineb wrote:

even admitting that m43 can get away with smaller entrance pupil because the sensor is smaller, then what I have said remains true:

if your tiny sensor allows you to make a tiny entrance pupil and use tiny lens elements of a small diameter, then the whole process is going to be MUCH LESS COSTLY.

therefore, if other people who have to feed light to larger sensors, can make 50mm f1.8 lenses that retail for about $250 despite pretty solid image quality, then there is no good reason why that 25mm f1.4 leica for m43, should cost more.

it should actually cost LESS. Because in manufacturing a lot of things will grow more than linearly, say for lenses it's probably with the surface area.

so let's say that 25mm f1.4 Leica-branded (rather than Leica-made) lens should retail, in all fairness, for maybe $150 or so. Or $200 at the most given the shorter production runs.

But right now it retails for about $650. So it's between 3x and 4x too expensive.

That's really assuming customers are idiots.

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