Switch to Mac from PC...need more help from your experience

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Re: Switch to Mac from PC...need more help from your experience

graybalanced wrote:

Well, that doesn't square with many comments I've read including the one in this thread:

Calxoddity wrote:

I went from home-building my PCs from hand-picked components to buying an iMac

Maybe some are ok with that personally as cool as the imacs are they're built into a monitor which is a def no no for me. Same applies to all in one pc's just not interested.

Dead monitor= easy to replace.

Dead built in pc erm not really great.

That's not the first time I've read that. I, too, am capable of sourcing components and screwing them together in a box to make a PC, but I prefer my Macs. Just putting parts in a box doesn't make them equal a Mac, as part of the value is in design and integration with the OS.

Well I'm afraid it does = a Mac because a personal computer is just a bunch of hardware.

OS X = Proprietary OS
Windows = Proprietary OS

At least with Windows I have a bigger hardware choice but I'm no MS fan as much as I'm no Apple fan. I admire Apple for being able to overcharge for hardware and selling it all..and their ability to make "desirable products" is rock solid.

When I bought my PowerBook in 2003, it stayed useful for many years because it had Bluetooth and DVI, which at the time many Windows laptops did not have. By the way, that's another side to this story: You talk about building PC desktops, but desktops are no longer the primary computer for many people. This is part of why Apple's succeeded: Mobile now rules the market, and practically nobody home-builds their own laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

It's not really practical to DIY build laptops and tablet pcs.

But for desktops yes it is very rewarding indeed.

I've also read, many times on many forums, posts like "I am a certified Windows IT admin at work, but I refuse to deal with that when I get home, where I'm all Mac." Even Windows experts who know where to get all the cheap parts see the value of using a Mac instead.

Sure I see the value of Mac OS X but we're talking about hardware and reality is there is no difference with Mac or PC it's all down to software.

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