Pentax Mirrorless Strategy?

Started Jun 14, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Pentax Mirrorless Strategy?

Rockeets wrote:

Okay total newb question, but what is the benefit of a mirrorless camera? I've just recently seen these at stores and I don't understand what their purpose is.

(1) Smaller size
(2) Liveview like p&s, EVF if available

(3) Better AF with video and liveview (lenses are made grounds up for CDAF AF system and can focus as fast as entry level DSLRs)

the other side plus

(4) Due to short flange distance, the cameras can be used with legacy manual focus and rangefinder lenses (Samsung NX version however can't use Leica M lenses since the flange distance is too large on Samsung NX mount).

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