Pentax Mirrorless Strategy?

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Re: Pentax Mirrorless Strategy?

DLBlack wrote:

The APS-C sensor size mirrorless camera had nothing leaked about it except that there will be some K-mount compatibility. If Pentax wants a very thin camera the registor distance will have to be reduced and then an K-mount adaptor used for the old lenses. The adaptor could have a screw AF montor in it for total bacward compatibility but it will be very expensive. Pentax could also go with a slightly thicker body and keep the K-mount. The extra depth wouldn't be needed but they could add a few things in that space so it wouldn't be wasted space. A semi-transparent mirror like the Sony Alpha series could be one thing. Another would be to add a control wheel to the the area around the mount to take up some of this distance. Just think a rugged WR body with three control wheels. The back one for shutter speed, the front one for iso, and the one around the lens-mount for f-stops.

The problem with K-mount is not just the extra length.

(1) All the current lenses that are optimized for PDAF would be slow to AF, so you would need new line of lenses anyway for CDAF

(2) The small flange distance allows any lens ever made (plus every telescope, microscope, every rangefinder lens) to be mounted on Nex with an adaprer without glass and used perfectly fine with no quality degradation. The K-mount would limit options for manual focus legacy lenses on Pentax mirrorless and kill sales (no M-mount lens owner would be buying Pentax mirrorless, for example, as they are doing now with Nex).

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