Pentax Mirrorless Strategy?

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Re: Pentax Mirrorless Strategy?

Dale108 wrote:

If rumours are true, Pentax will release at least 2 new mirrorless models in the next 6 months. While the larger model (APS-C?) has the most appeal to me, what chance has Pentax in going it alone? Wouldn't joining u4/3 or even Sony E mount be a better option?

Pentax has a better chance of going it alone than joining micro 4/3 because it is not an open standard. That means paying royalties to Olympus for every camera it makes. Definitely not a good idea. Besides the mount is too small for APS-C. Therefore Pentax would need 2 different mounts for its mirrorless camera line.

I know that Olympus is getting short changed by Panasonic on sensors, but at least they are in this market. While Hoya have improved Pentax's marketing and come out with some great cameras like Kx and K5, Pentax's market position has not really changed.

Any marketing gurus out there?


I am no marketing guru, but I think Pentax should bring back something similar to the Auto 110, a cute little camera with interchangeable lenses and a pentaprism viewfinder. An SLR camera can be small, like the Auto 110, without being mirrorless. Of course, Pentax needs a full frame DSLR or two in the near future.

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