Getting the GREAT Shot - Quick reference LIST/TIPS.

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Re: Getting the GREAT Shot - Quick reference LIST/TIPS.

SelectiveAperture wrote:

I plan on actually printing and laminating this and putting on my tripod for quick reference and a friendly reminder.
Please add anything you think might help get a better shot!

A) a GOOD lens,
B) using a tripod,
C) using self-timer mode to take your hands off the camera,
D) good light to illuminate fine details,
E) precise focusing (manual or automatic),
F) finding the 'sweet spot' of the lens & using it,
G) Fast shutter to freeze movement. I like 1/125 or 1/250 and faster
H) or Slow shutter to add movement

I'm sure there are others.
Happy Shooting

You charge for your services professionally, and you will hang a sign on your tripod to remind yourself to use a tripod?! And to use a good lens (as opposed to a bad one?), precise focussing (as opposed to imprecise)... Sorry to be negative (i usually say nothing rather than be negative), but this seems naive in the extreme, and potentially embarrassing to you in the field! Imagine hiring an electrician with a laminated sign around his neck saying "don't connect a live wire to a neutral; never test a wire on your tongue." Or a heart-surgeon: "the aorta is the one on the left; no, not your's, the patient's left; hmm, or is it your left after all?" You get the idea!

Also, I wonder if your models realise you are posting up pictures of them for semi-ogling purposes on a public forum? This also seems hardly professional?

Sorry to be the kill-joy!


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