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Re: On the contrary...

TrapperJohn wrote:

The GF3 is a direct response to the tiny/no hot shoe/no EVF NEX. To the best of my knowledge, Panny hasn't discontinued the GF2, nor the GH2, nor the G3. The GF3 goes after a different market, one that happens to be selling very well right now.

The original Pen, the EP1, sold okay. The more consumer oriented EPL1 and EPL2, with fewer manual controls, sold a lot better.

I think you attribute the relative success of the EPL-x cameras to the wrong facts. The EP-1 was not a really convincing body, mainly sold because of its new design, but certainly not for its feature set, IQ, and performance. This camera was quickly replaced by the EP-2, which was, however, too expensive. Then Olympus changed the game to the EPL-x to have something price-competitive and as the EP-x line did not get a replacement, the EPL-2 was in the end the only choice you could buy from Olympus. So, I think it isn't really the simplification (to a user interface that sucks), that made the EPL-x a relative success, it is more that you couldn't get an alternative from Olympus anyway.

I'm not sure how the GF2 did as compared to the GF1, but the GF3 looks like an even more consumerized version, so it's safe to say that this body is targeted at P&S types, not seasoned amateurs. There are a lot more P&S types than seasoned amateurs.

But even that's not bad news. The more people that buy into M43, the less expensive our glass and options become, due to volume production. So if the GF3 brings more people into the M43 fold because the body compares nicely to a NEX while the glass is a lot smaller, that's good news for all of us.

As for APS vs 43 sensor: the difference in performance isn't all that much any more, in terms of capturing photos under typical circumstances. Might have been six or seven years ago, but today, both have capabilities that get into the 'seldom used' category.

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