Canon 60D or Nikon D300

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Re: Video performance

victorian squid wrote:

Don't know what the others are on about, but the 300s (or D700) can't touch the 60D when it comes to video performance PERIOD. Ever hear of 30fps guys? You can't step it up.

If your looking for good video performance then the 60D is the better buy.

Plus, the image quality is equal (read better) than the 300s. The thing you're giving up is exceptional build quality and superior AF and metering . And a few other things as well!

Exceptional build quality , superior AF and metering ? As I see it , metering and accurate focus is the most important aspects of a camera. If the metering fails and the focusing accuracy is not precise it doesn't matter what other goodies the camera might have.

Another way to go and keep any Nikkor investment is to look at the D5100. While it's a bit of a toy compared to the D300 or s, it has their wonderful new sensor, and CAN shoot 30fps at high resolution, besting the D7000 as far as video performance.

I totally concur...The image quality of the d5100 is on par with the D7000 and better then the 60D and video is about equal even though Canon has that wonderful live histogram that nikon lacks.

I'd probably actually lean that way if I were you - not knowing your investment, but knowing your probable preference for Nikon.

It ultimately depends on the final video output you're looking for.

I'm not downplaying the 60D . It's a great camera by the photos I have seen displayed here and elsewhere but I prefer the Nikon D5100. It's still image quality is top notch. Some even say it's above the D7000 and it does not have the overexposure problems that the D7000 tends to have under some conditions of high contrast.

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