Bag for 500mm/f4

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Bag for 500mm/f4

I'm going to Key West next week for birding, and am going to bring the 500/4 with me. My bags are currently not large enough to hold it and need to get one quick. I intend to bring:

  • 500mm/f4 IS with 5D2

  • TC 1.4x

  • Wimberley II

  • Tripod

I want to be able to use the bag as backpack (ie must have shoulder straps).
Like other people I prefer small/light bag instead of big.
Also need to carry onto the plane.

I found 3 options so far:

  • Kinesis L511 - seems like the best option. But not sure if it can be used as a backpack. And not sure if it can hold much stuff other than the lens/camera

  • Lowepro Trekker 600aw. Seems like a good option but it seems really bigger than necessary (as it is designed for 600mm)

  • Thinktank Glass Taxi - seems to only hold the lens, not even the camera. Otherwisw the bag looks like a winner.

Do you think the Kinesis L511 would be my best shot?
Anymore suggestion?


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