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It does seem funny

fburn1597 wrote:

I seem to have stirred up a hornet's nest as several of the posts in this forum seem to be trying to steer me away from Pentax and encouraging me to stay with Nikon.

It's funny to read that. And I too have been impressed by how non-fanboy-like the Pentax posters have been.

I think back to last October, and to several Pentax naysayers (some gone by choice, I guess, others got banned) who insist that all Pentax cameras were crappy, that Pentax as a company would fold in a few years, and that Pentax owners were rabid fanboys who could tolerate NO criticism of the brand.

And here we are, acting very un-fanboy-ish. Good show, everyone!

To the OP: If you're thinking Pentax, both the K-r and the K-5 are excellent cameras. Looks at the specs and decide if the additional capabilities of the K-x are worth the cost. I bought a K-x last year (with the 18-55 and 55-300 kit lenses), and I still think that's the best bang for the buck. I've never shot horse-related sports, but I shoot pics of my kids playing football and soccer, and I'm happy with the results.

I think the D90 is a great camera, too. I'm not sure what a K-5 would give me that a D90 would not. If the D90 is clipping red channels, you might try try -1/3, -1/2, or even -2/3 EV comp, and see what you think of the results.

Good luck, whatever choice you make!

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