An Excellent "Normal" Lens for Crop Cameras Is So Hard (or Expensive) to Get

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An Excellent "Normal" Lens for Crop Cameras Is So Hard (or Expensive) to Get

Since I acquired the Canon 50 f/1.4, I have literally fallen in love with prime lenses. Amongst other things, as a beginner, I have found using a prime lens a richer learning experience. Without the option of the zoom, I think I pay better attention to composition and to camera settings.

The only draw back of the 50 1.4 is that I do feel a bit "boxed." So, I was thinking of acquiring a "normal" lens, one in the 28-35mm range. Wow, what a nightmare - for me at least. Besides the debate on whether it would be best to stay closer to 28 or to 35, to get the "normal" view, I think I must conclude that there simply isn't an equivalent of the Canon 50 1.4 in the 28-35 range. Quality-wise, it seems that, unless you get the Canon 35 1.4 L, which costs a fortune, you have to accept a lower quality and performance than the 50 1.4.

For some time, I had settled on the Sigma 30mm f/1.4, but the focusing issues scare me.

I don't find - from looking at the reviews - anything equivalent, in IQ, speed of A/F, etc. in none of the following:

Canon 28 f/1.8
Canon 28 f/2.8
Canon 24 f/2.8 (which would be too wide anyway)
Canon 35 f/2

Am I missing something? Am I being unfair?

I reached the conclusion (but I can certainly be persuaded otherwise), that the best thing to have a "normal" lens on a crop camera, short of buying the prohibitive Canon 35 f/1.4, is a zoom lens: the Canon 17-55 2.8. So much for my love of primes

Any thoughts on this? Indeed, even if I go ahead and get the Canon 17-55, is there any prime in the mentioned range I might one day want to get? I was mostly thinking of using such a prime lens for street photography, interior social settings (some in somewhat low light).

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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