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time20n wrote:

My point is your trying to turn apples into oranges, like point and shot digital's, are not looked like smaller crops nor are FF look at like bigger crops.

They are all apples and oranges each with their own pros and cons, most photog's are not sitting around trying to think of what lens, they need for their crop or FF digital's to make them the same.

That is why Equivalence has not been made compulsory to learn when you buy a camera, and you will not get arrested if you say that Equivalence holds no interest to you.

A FF gives a different feel to images over crops, and crops are the same as well, we can now all have FF if we thought they was the best, they are not the best for everyone nor are crops the best for everyone.

If you see an effect on FF (eg DOF) and want to know which lens would give you the 'equivalent' picture on crop, this will help you work it out. If you're happy with something just similar (like 99% of picture takers), you don't need it.

They are what they are and they are different beast, you talked about noise and Fstops with this theory, and I am pointing out it don't hold water anymore.

Lets looks look at a crop 60mm f2.8 macro lens ver a FF 100mm f2.8 FF lens, anyone looking at buying one or the other, for their crop does not sitting around thinking, hhhhhmmm may be I should get a FF and 100mm lens.

They think will the 60mm crop work for my needs it's close to a 50mm macro, and that is for pretty close working and people shots, or should I get the 100mm to have be able to work away, from bugs and such a bit more.

They are not thinking of it in terms of a FF at all, and some one with a FF, thinks of their lenses in terms of their FF, and some one buying a point and shoot think of terms of a point and shoot.

Crops now hold their own every bit as much as FF can, this theory looks more like some, trying to make things harder on people out side their circle, when it's really about a 1.6 crop and nothing more.

It's just that many comment on the subject without understanding it.
If they did underst, no-one would be making any fuss about it.

You said it accounts for film as well but film and video cams, are nothing like digital still images that we all now know, nor would we think in terms of them while buying a crop or FF, most only think crop gives 1.6 more reach then a FF.

Like I shot wildlife I want the that 1.6 crop and as long of good lens I can buy, at first I got a bigma 50-500mm f6.3 lens, but then added a canon 300mm f4L none IS, and just looking at the math the bigma wins easy.

But in real life the 300mm was super sharp and a AF that nail it every time, that means it could be pushed much more, so I then got a 400mm f5.6L prime, and am very happy with it, I then upgraded from a canon 400D XTi 10 mp.

To a canon 50D 15 mp for even more reach, it's also why most others doing wildlife got a new 7D, on the other hand wedding photog's use mostly FF, as far as how fast of a lens most buy as faster as funds let them.

Not many people think in terms of what they need in FF then ho to convert it to a crop, their is no need for that anymore like I pointed out before, and my other points was about trying to convert how fast a lens would need to be from a FF.

To make the same image on a crop digital, and I was trying to point out, it's not really needed because chip sets and software, as well as jumps in hardware, has taken care of that for the most part.

So it's simple a 1.6 crop factor is and was the best way to put it, that is after all why makers like canon called it a crop factor, and not come out with some big theory, to help everyone under stand it all, they are the designs with inside info on all of it.

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