TX10 or TS3/FT3

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Re: TX10 or TS3/FT3

Sorry for waking an old thread, but I think it is better than to start a new one.
(And sorry for my english)

I have just read the TX10 review over at digital versus, and they are quite negative to IQ on that camera.

If you look at the comparison to the FT3, http://www.digitalversus.com/duels.php?ty=1&ma1=60&mo1=1356&p1=10717&ma2=16&mo2=1358&p2=10719&ph=5 , the FT3 seems superior, but that is not the impression I have got from reading forum posts here, and reviews all over the net.

A badly performed test, a faulty camera reviewed, or is the TX10 a lot worse than the FT3 when it comes to IQ?

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