All this talk about "equivalence" is silly

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Re: Total light vs light density

photonius wrote:

Once FF sensors reach the same pixel size as APS-C sensors, that advantage is gone...

In fact, just the opposite. The more pixels, the higher the IQ for any given format. This is clearly demonstrated here:

not realistically. there will be a limit where it does not make sense to make smaller pixels. So, the large sensor will have then the advantage.

The larger sensor always has the IQ advantage, so long as the sensor is at least as efficient, it has at least as many pixels, and the lenses resolve at least the same lp/ph at the same DOF.

By the way, a FF sensor with pixels the same size as the G12 would have 200 MP, and a 1.6x sensor would have 80 MP. Given that the sensor in the G12 is among the most efficient in existing digicams, I would say that we've quite a ways to go before smaller pixels present additional problems to be overcome.

  • nevertheless as is stated in that link too, if you magnify both images to the same degree, the FF one is cleaner, because you can average out over more pixels (either in your brain or in postprocessing if you go down to the same resolution as the APS-C sensor.

A postulate of Equivalence is "same display size" (bold emphasis added):

h ttp:

Equivalent photos are photos of a given scene that share the following five parameters:

  • Equivalent photos are photos of a given scene that share the following five parameters:

  • Perspective

  • Framing

  • DOF

  • Shutter Speed

  • Display Dimensions

Yes, i guess you don't seem to realize that I say the same thing....

My apologies for misinterpreting.

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