All this talk about "equivalence" is silly

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Re: Nicely stated! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going by what is claimed you should be able to account for point and shots as well, and film as well as account for canon chip sets, all their designs had to be based on FF as well.

How about video since it's coming into it's own now, and raw converting software, and how come my 50D has it's lowest noise levels starting at ISO 200.

The world of digital going by the world of 35 film that as good as died now, some how I'm pretty sure canon and other makers, built crops to be the best crops not the best closest to FF they could.

And even FF digital I'm pretty sure was built, to be the best FF digital they could make, in fact canon has not changed FF lenses other then adding IS, and all crop lenses was built around the crop sensor, and the chip set was built around the crop sensor as well.

FF have their pros and cons, and crops have their pros and cons, and unless you are one of the designers of them, your theory just don't hold much water, in fact we know they built crop sensors to cut cost, and get around the limits they was hitting.

Your theory really hits a big problem when it comes to software, and the chip set that support the crop sensor, the claim was made canon hit the limits of noise with their sensors.

With the 15 mp sensor on a 50D that was 100% wrong, the problem with noise was with the raw converting software, I seen the problem in photoshop my self, but when I used DPP there was no such problem.

When photoshop updated their RAW support for it the problem went away, and here we now got 2X different 18 mp crops, and both have very low noise some thing this theory would not account for, and most people said couldn't be done.

Sorry but the only real truth is that a crop sensor is a smaller crop of a FF sensor, and we can be pretty sure everything else is built around each different sensor, the hardware and chip set, as well as software support.

Crop lenses as well and FF lenses have been built already, and only get a IS upgrade and coatings in most cases, a theory must be supported by some facts, but the facts don't support it this one.

You talk about lenses and we can be pretty sure canon didn't design crop lenses, after FF lenses because we know they started all new designs for them, built around the crop sensor and chip set, and are even now putting corrections for them in the chip sets.

As far as faster lenses go everyone is buying into IS instead of faster lenses, it works and keeps the lenses smaller and cheaper then if they was faster ones, or I'm sure canon would make more faster lenses for crops, and there again some thing this theory don't account for is IS.

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