On-board flash & 2nd curtain sync

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Check wireless function setting

deonh wrote:

Hi there.

I am studying the manual of my 7D and as I go along, discover many thing I either didn't know or don't understand.

Such are the setting of the on-board flash. Is it able to set the flash on 2nd curtain sync? I am not able to change it from 1st curtain sync to 2nd curtain sync. Just to double check myself, I have noticed that my 40D can have the on-board flash set to 2nd curtain sync.

Am I missing something or is it so that the 7D's on-board flash cannot be set to 2nd curtain sync?


Second curtain sync is disabled if you have the inbuilt flash wireless function enabled. There might be other settings that would disable the setting, this one had me puzzled for awhile.

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