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Re: Subtle tonality

nick_webster wrote:

Is it just reds where Foveon images better their Bayer equivalents ? Do you think my shot is just rubbish ? Any thoughts welcome, and if you have some images to demonstrate what you think so much the better,

Thanks for posting! I also wonder how well Bayer photos really stack up against Foveon, and your post gave me the obvious idea to simply check other DPR forums, download originals, and see what I can see.

Your image looked a little dull to me (a little dark, a little soft, and a little bit flat).

So I downloaded your original and worked on it a little in Photoshop Elements 9 to "adjust" it to fit my preferences a little better:

I didn't do much to it:

First I went to adjust lighting: levels: and reduced the max slider to where the end of the image info is. This gave the image a little more snap in my eyes.

Then I sharpened, then I resized to 1500x1250, then I adjusted sharpness +20% for 0.5 pixel radius.

Really, it looks pretty good to me at this point. All this is pretty subjective of course. You might not like it anywhere near as much as you like your original, and for some very good reasons too.

Like many, I prefer "the nice bright colors" (Digital Kodachrome), and Foveon seems to come closest. I've gotten very good results with Bayer sensors too, for example on my Canon 30D a couple years ago:

I'm not really able to put my finger on exactly why I like Foveon better. It's sort of a visceral thing with me. Most likely it makes no sense at all.
Finally here is a recent thread full of great Foveon flower shots:
Tom Schum

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