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Re: You both make good points....

Port Royal Dad wrote:

There are lots of so called beginners going out and buying the latest and greatest SLR; and then shortly after asking advise for which lenses to buy, and then asking what flash to buy. And from what I see, a tripod is usually later in the purchasing que.

So I would suggest for the more advanced beginners out there who are purchasing the latest-greatest SLR (for $1500) and then an expensive lens (another $1000) all topped with a fancy speed-light ($300)....that's $2,800 on top of a $70 piece of plastic? No way, is what I say.

I'm not sure this creature exists. For genuine beginners, I'd say don't splash your cash on expensive SLRs and tripods until you've learned the basics of the hobby, i.e. progressed beyond beginner stage. But if such a person has more money than sense, then advice on good tripods is kind of wasted anyway - good luck to 'em, but IME they're not going to do more than listen to advice then go their own sweet way.
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