Size of new 25mm f1.4 revealed

Started Jun 10, 2011 | Discussions thread
Zoltan Csuka Contributing Member • Posts: 536
$600 for a plastic 50mm equiv f1.4 lens?

It should be max $300-400 like the Canon 50/1.4 and similar lenses. Assuming it has quick and silent internal focusing and hybrid aperture. If not then $200. DOF equivalent is still only f2.8!? Who cares about the Leica-branding.

That is why mFT is not taking off since they are way overpricing their lenses. Plastic-built 45mm (90mm) f2.8 lens for $800? Just because they print Leica on it?

The only lens worth its price in their entire lineup is the 100-300 (200-600). The rest is out of sync with reality/competition.
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