All this talk about "equivalence" is silly

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Re: Bzzt.

These are good examples that tell us it’s better to compare camera to camera instead of compare format to format. They also tell us not to generalize and force everything into one theory. The biggest fallacy of the equivalence theory is it makes many people to (wrongly) believe f4.5 on full frame is the same as f2.8 on aps-c without regard to which full frame and which aps-c cameras they are referring to. Not that there is anything wrong with the theory, which is always correct as a theory. It’s just silly people, as op pointed out, got confused and misuse the theory.

BTW I'm really glad op started this thread. It will be all good if this makes a few people to be more careful when they do the comparison. Or better yet realize it may not be necessary for them to do the comparison in their real world situation.

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