homemade camera obscura (images)

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Re: Splendid!

on6702 wrote:

Well Mike, you're obviously much better than me at post processing!!!
What did you do? It looks great!

Oliver, thank you and apologies for late reply.

In Photoshop I selected a rectangle and used:

  • Edit-> Free Transform to alter the perspective

  • Shadow and Highlight to brighten the shadows a fraction (using masks to restrict it to the tree)

  • Curves with mask to alter the contrast of the non-tree area

  • Saturation with Colorise ticked to tone it.

Would you mind emailing me a copy of that image in its native resolution as I like the idea of printing it if its large enough and adding it to my site. My email is in my profile. Thanks....

With pleasure! I've just found the orig's on your Flickr site - should provide better results than the lo-res versions

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