Pentax DCU4 applying MAJOR sharpening to edits???

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Pentax DCU4 applying MAJOR sharpening to edits???

I was just playing around with a few jpegs and noticed that DCU4 appears to be applying a fairly major sharpening operation even when the only thing I do is to make a few small adjustments to the tone curve. I left everything else - as shot. I didn't even touch any other controls!

In fact, I just tried something even simpler. I simply clicked on a file and resaved it without changing anything. The sharpening is there and it's rather nasty. Take a look. NO EDITS just a simply save operation with a new name.

I went into my Olympus Viewer 2 and edited the same K-x shot with virtually the same adjustments to the tone curve and no absurd sharpening was applied. The image changed in tone but not sharpness as expected.

What's with that? Has anybody else noticed something similar with DCU4. I looked in the options for something stupid like "apply heavy sharpening to every photo" but didn't find it.

Here they are... (I save cropped portions using Olympus Viewer 2 as I wasn't sure what DCU4 was going to do with yet another operation)


Simply did SaveAs

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