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Re: There is no wideangle lens for the SD1

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And there is no wideangle zoom on the Canon side either which will match the SD1.

the 17-55IS EFS is a lot better at F2.8 than the Sigma 17-50 - the original Tamron 17-50 F2.8 is also and neither are CA monsters - the canon 10-22 has an excellent reputation . I'm not big on EFS canons (I have a 550D with a megazoom on that's all) I use Fullframe for work but there are quite a few decent lenses for crop sensors for it which stand up to pixelpeeping bayer 18Mp , things should be even sharper with 15Mp Foveon (that's how it worked comparing the SD cams to a bayer canon or nikon anyway - my 17-70 non OS performs better on the SD14 than I've ever seen one do on a D80, Sony Alpha or Pentax K10 anyway)

Have you tried the Nikon 14-24? It's brilliant across the zoom and aperture range.

I've tried one, on a late Nikon DSLR, and I was'nt impressed. Lots of distortion > for a zoom thats supposed to be rectalinear. The old Sigma 14mm f3.5 > rectalinear prime has less distortion and in the centre of frame at least is noticably > sharper. The Nikon has better contrast but thats about it. You can pick the > Sigma up for peanuts...Cant say the same for the Nikon.

I don't have access to the Sigma 14mm, but I can say that the Nikon 14-24 (at least the one I own) is the best zoom lens I've ever owned. There is very little distortion, particularly given it's such a wide lens on full frame.

Very little distortion?...This proves otherwise:

I agree that looks a bit crook when put up as graph, but in reality I have never seen anything like that amount of distortion in DX crop or Full Frame Nikon photos using the 14-24.

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