All this talk about "equivalence" is silly

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Re: It's all silly and don't matter anymore

But the thing is, he's right, no matter what the discussion., although I bet there are four or five people in the world that can prove the differences by mathematical equations...

...and how ironic is that, relative to the OP's title "It's all silly and don't matter anymore". Ha.

Le Kilt wrote:
Welcome to a discussion that you haven't a clue about !

time20n wrote:

At one time it may have mattered but not anymore, crop sensors are all their own, like FF sensors are all their own, with better and much more crop lenses.

And better crop ISO to noise they now hold their own, one can use a crop sensor and never need a FF lenses, IS and all that makes all this mute anymore.

People can shoot 2 body's one crop and one FF, because the prices come down on them, like I have a canon 300D, 400D and my new 50D.

I was thinking to use nikon lenses with my 50D, then just went a got a nikon body for $300 instead with kit lens, this is how it is with crop and FF bodys as well since the prices come down.

So what is my point well it's simple you can get crop lenses, for your crop sensor that are already in the same range, you would want to cover on a FF, and if you really wanted FF you can easy buy a body and lens.

FF is not a crop and a crop is not a FF no matter how you cut it, they both are different to the point no matter how you do your math, the images from each will look different and in many ways.

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