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Re: Define the statistics for an entry

lds2k wrote:

Please explain how the voting works for each entry. For example how are the fields under each entry defined? The fields are Place, Votes, Distribution

Each voter simply awards the number of stars they think each entry deserves - 1/2-star through 5-stars. Some voters vote on all the entries, but it isn't necessary. However, because of the way the scoring is done, it is best to vote on a random subset of the total entries if you aren't going to vote on all of them. The entries are shuffled in a random order for each voter once the voting phase starts.

  • Place - How is place determined? Number of member votes? Number of stars accumulated?

Place (1st, 2nd, 3rd ...) is based on the average number of stars awarded each entry - but not exactly. Dpreview uses an algorithm to adjust the average score for each entry. The algorithm rewards entries receiving larger numbers of votes. Only dpreview know what they are doing here

Generally, the entry receiving the highest average in the raw voting wins, but not always. And, the 1st place entry is not adjusted. Nor is the last place adjusted. But, for some reason, all the other in between are adjusted - usually downward from their raw mean (which can be calculated from the numbers in the histogram).

  • Votes - Is that the number of members voting? Is it the number of stars accumulated?

Votes are how many persons voted on the entry - or, on all the entries depending on where you are looking.

  • Distribution bars - Is this the distribution of stars? Assuming voters can vote half a star?

The distribution (histogram) show the numbers of votes for each level of stars - hover your mouse pointer over one of the bars and you'll see the number of stars and the number of times the entry was awarded that number of stars. Those should total to the number of votes for an entry. You can also calculate the raw average number of stars with the numbers in the histogram - but, it usually will be a little different than the score (dpreview average) as explained above.

Finally, what do you mean by views? How could an entry have 2500 votes and 13 views?

That has been asked many times. I have no idea what views represents. And, to the best of my knowledge, dpreview has never answered the question.

And while we at it, is Views defined the same way in challenges as it is in member gallery views?

I don't know.
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