10-22 or 15-85 EF-S ?

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Re: 10-22 or 15-85 EF-S ?

I got the 12-24 Tokina f4. It was an adventure, since the first copy I got was for Nikon in a Canon box. The replacement was a good Canon copy, as far as I can tell.

The difference in field of view for the focal lengths between 12 and 15 is large, and it will be larger still when you compare the field of view of the 10 and 15. While the numbers derived from focal length don't really tell the story, the field of view is much, much larger when you go from a 12-15, or 10-15.

If you want ultrawide, you won't get it from the short end of the 15-85IS. The 15mm focal length is pretty wide, but it all depends on the effects that you want.
You can see view comparisons here:


You can't go wrong with the Canon 10-22 if you want the wide end covered.

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