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Re: There is no wideangle lens for the SD1

SigmaChrome wrote:

I've never seen any distortion with the Nikkor 14-24. We use it all the time for weddings in low light, wide open and at high ISOs. It's very sharp. I'm guessing you used a sub-standard or faulty example.

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

I've tried one, on a late Nikon DSLR, and I was'nt impressed. Lots of distortion for a zoom thats supposed to be rectalinear. The old Sigma 14mm f3.5 rectalinear prime has less distortion and in the centre of frame at least is noticably sharper. The Nikon has better contrast but thats about it. You can pick the Sigma up for peanuts...Cant say the same for the Nikon.

I was with Alf when he tried the D3x with the 14 - 24. we were at the Nikon professional show held in London in 2009. Free tickets as my sister in law ran Nikon Professional UK division, Alf likes freebies. pay for something you must be joking

At this period in time Alf really was the Sigma Zealot and nothing else could possibly compaire.

back to the point he tried this combination for all of 30 seconds, made the same statements and also said that the view finder on the D3x wasn't very good and was soft and not as good as the viewfinder on his SD (can't remember if it was the 10 or the 14).
took a couple of shots with it and looked at them on the rear screen.

Alf had already made up his mind that the Nikon wasn't good before he even picked up the combination.

Luckily his opinions have changed about other camera makers and i think about photos produced by other DSLR's as well, still likes to pixel peep but accepts that theres more to a good image than an individual pixel

Think the SD1 debacle has pushed him over the edge, as he was (still is) shall we say slightly disapointed with the price


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