Sony 18-250 vs Tamron 18-270

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Sony 18-250 vs Tamron 18-270

I realize this comparison has been brought up in the past. However, the situation has just changed, since -- to my understanding -- the a55/18-250 kit is a very recent introduction which has a fairly dramatic effect on the relative prices of these two lenses.

In short, the a55 with Sony 18-250 can be had for $1050 at the current time. The Tamron 18-270 route would consist of a $700 body and a $600-$650 lens, so $1300-$1350, or $300 more expensive.

I am aware of the paragraph comparison on ( ), although it doesn't seem to explicitly prescribe one over the other.

Think of this way, in the form of two questions:

(1) Which lens do you think is fundamentally better (and why, b/c of IQ, AF speed/noise, size/weight, or something else)? I mean, if they were both free , but you could only take one, which would you take?

(2) IF you think the Tamron is better, do you think it is $300 better, or at that price differential, would you just opt for the Sony instead.

After all, that $300 could be applied toward other lenses: a 50mm prime, a macro, or a 400-500mm of some sort, but that argument doesn't hold water with me if the Sony is less desirable as the all-around lens, if you see my meaning. I don't want to sacrifice 90% of my photos (the usual ones that will come from this superzoom in question) just to put $300 toward lenses for special circumstances.


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