With my e-420, how to do this?

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Re: With my e-420, how to do this?

Thank you both for looking and your comments.

Some day this next week, when the weather is nice, I will find that spot in Letchworth Park where I took my c-8080wz grab shot. Probably the tree has grown to obstruct the view, maybe it is no longer there?

My plan is to use the e-420/14-42 on a tripod with live view.

The first multiple focus set will be at ISO 200, f/5.6 with three stack shots. The first focus at about 8 feet, second at 12 feet and the last at 30 feet. Per the Olympus chart for the 14-42 lens, I should have focus from 7'-5" to infinity.

The second set will be done at f/8.0, every thing else the same, but this time I will only need 2 focus stacks with the focus set at about 10 feet for the first shot and 18 feet for the second. Per the Oly chart, at f/8.0 this should give a range of 8'-8" to infinity.

Now how to get the focus set for those in between distance? Maybe there will be something to focus on?

Thats what I liked with the P&S cameras, that distance scale. Although it was not very accurate, it did give you some idea where you were.

Again, thanks for your help. I have learned a bit more about using the e-420.


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