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Re: There is no wideangle lens for the SD1

Jaelkay wrote:

AdamT wrote:

And there is no wideangle zoom on the Canon side either which will match the SD1.

the 17-55IS EFS is a lot better at F2.8 than the Sigma 17-50 - the original Tamron 17-50 F2.8 is also and neither are CA monsters - the canon 10-22 has an excellent reputation . I'm not big on EFS canons (I have a 550D with a megazoom on that's all) I use Fullframe for work but there are quite a few decent lenses for crop sensors for it which stand up to pixelpeeping bayer 18Mp , things should be even sharper with 15Mp Foveon (that's how it worked comparing the SD cams to a bayer canon or nikon anyway - my 17-70 non OS performs better on the SD14 than I've ever seen one do on a D80, Sony Alpha or Pentax K10 anyway)

Have you tried the Nikon 14-24? It's brilliant across the zoom and aperture range.

I've tried one, on a late Nikon DSLR, and I was'nt impressed. Lots of distortion for a zoom thats supposed to be rectalinear. The old Sigma 14mm f3.5 rectalinear prime has less distortion and in the centre of frame at least is noticably sharper. The Nikon has better contrast but thats about it. You can pick the Sigma up for peanuts...Cant say the same for the Nikon.

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