M9 ipad issue

Started Jun 10, 2011 | Discussions thread
xtoph Veteran Member • Posts: 9,871
it does sound like a bug

in the tests i've made transferring dng files to the ipad with the cxn kit, it has always correctly imported (but is incapable of directly viewing) the raw file from the m9. (raw files from the 5d2 throw up usable preview images.)

so if sometimes the whole raw file isn't correctly transferred, then that would be a whopping bug. thanks for the heads up, btw. fwiw, i would not choose to erase cards i had backed up to an ipad before i had a chance to download them to a computer and verify everything. but that's not ipad specific; for me, i figure if the files only exist in one place, they aren't backed up.

btw, there are several specific apps made for viewing and processing the actual raw images from our cameras. pirawnah, for one, has specifically claimed to be able to read m9 dng files, both compressed and uncompressed. i haven't yet gotten around to verifying this personally; if anyone has tried it, i'd be curious to hear how it went.

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