Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

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Re: Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

John Bean (UK) wrote:

From Russia? You must be lucky. They used some kind of animal grease that dries up over time.

No, I have 4 Minolta MC/MD lenses and 1 C/Y Vivitar Series 1. I guess they're all from the 70's. It's because one day, I asked to myself : Why did you buy a Nex to put bulky adapters and lenses on it ? They're great, but sometimes I want to keep it light&compact. Some people look at my NEX+Minolta 50/1.4 and think : what the xxxx is this frankenstein thing, it doesn't even zoom ! That's why I've had a look at these tiny russian lenses, so that people let me in peace with my small "P&S like".

I use ordinary lithium grease - the general-purpose kind used for cars, etc.

It's not always needed though; if the focus feels loose with "sticky" patches as you turn it then the old grease is there but dried up. A few drops of lighter fluid/fuel (Ronsonal, say) and a bit of to and fro of the focus ring often does a good job without dismantling. I had to do this to all my I-61 variants and only had to actually re-grease one of them.

OK, thanks again for your help, I'm new to this. Actually I didn't even know what "Legacy" meant a few months ago, I feel like a rustic geek now

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