Snappiest bag for GXR

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Re: Snappiest bag for GXR

Joel Stern wrote:

Godfrey, this was the bag they listed as ACAM 1000

This is the one I saw without a flap that I liked also

Yes, you can see from the photo that the real difference between these two is the depth of the front pocket: the ACAM 1000 pocket is deep enough for a padded lens divider and three "leica m size" lenses where the ACAM 3000 is more a standard pleated pocket size. The main bag section is pretty much the same size between them and a trifle shorter (bottom to top) compared to the ACAM 7100 (and my BLB bag).

The larger difference in use is that the ACAM 7100 and my BLB "Oskar's One Day Bag Mark II" when the top flap is folded over onto the bag has a completely open top where either the ACAM 1000 or 3000 have a zipper opening in the way of access, like the Domke F5XB that we both have. It's a small difference physically, but depending upon the size and shape of your gear can make a significant difference in ease of getting things in and out.

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