Snappiest bag for GXR

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Re: Snappiest bag for GXR

magneto shot wrote: the choice is getting tough...the artisan does look like a very good buy, over here its sold for UsD 300. The two other brands mentioned looks good too, though not available here,have to order online.

My only concern is the size, i really need one that is as small as possible but can fit all (2 lensor + 1 body with lensor), viewing online is kinda hard to tell.

Good selection i must say, i think these bags are a real seller with the 4/3 and NEX picking up so strongly.

llbean looks good but its not the bag i can carry on a daily commute to office and that was my plan, for vacation or shooting it would looked fitting.

I agree: the LL Bean bag looks nice but I prefers more horizontally organized bag for cameras and the style is a little "country" for urban settings.

A slightly smaller but similar design to the bags that Joel and I suggest is another A&A or BLB (from Photo Village) named "Image Smith" or ACAM 1000. It's a little shorter than the ACAM 7100 model and lacks the overlap, has a zipped front pocket instead. It can easily hold all you mention, but is just a little too tight for the iPad.. It's what I was originally going to get but carrying theniPad was a priority for me. unfortunately, it's not on sale like the ACAM 7100 (at and will cost more.

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