With my e-420, how to do this?

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With my e-420, how to do this?

Using my P&S cameras in manual focus, I have in the past, setup and took multiple exposures of the same scene. Then with Helicon Focus software, merged them all together resulting in an image that was in focus from the near to the far points. An example shot is here at my pbase gallery. http://www.pbase.com/paulm2/image/120624944

With the P&S cameras in manual focus mode, there was a indicator for distance, which allowed one to take the near image, move away just a bit with the arrow pad ( depending on the lens and f stop), take another exposure, repeat until the far distance was achieved.

I want to be able to change the focus point with my e-420 (probably using live view) and achieve the same result. In other words, take multiple exposures at different focus points, without moving the camera.

I most likely will use the 14-42 kit lens set at about 25mm (50mm) as in the old film days, 50mm was supposed to be what the human eye seen.

Now using the manual focus feature of the e-420 and the expanded view function for focus, is there an easier way? To bad there is not a similar setting like the bracket for exposure value.

Presently on a tripod and using live view with the expanded view, I focus on the near object, take a picture. Reset the live view and move the expanded area slightly if needed, then again with the expanded view, focus on a slightly farther away object, take another shot. Repeat again and again. With all this handling of the camera, I am afraid that I might move the camera even though it is on a Tripod.

In order to use this type of multiple shots, naturally your subject must be static. All my previous use of the Helicon Software were of table top setups. I would like to now take the e-420 and do a landscape etc. Especially so over at Letchworth Park ( Genesse River Gorge) with the upper and middle falls in view and all be in focus.

Am I missing some thing in how to use manual focus with a DSLR? The DSLR type cameras are new to me since shortly before last Christmas, so if this is a dumb question, you now know why. I do not have much experience with the DSLR.

I do have a very nice copy of the Olympus c-8080wz, so maybe I will have to do my Letchworth Falls/Helicon Focus setup using this camera. This camera has the manual focus method like previously mentioned.

Thanks for reading.


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