Solve the dilemma! D90/5100/7000?

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Solve the dilemma! D90/5100/7000?

Yet another Nikon body dilemma I'm afraid….

Reading the forums on here is a very helpful, but also sometimes confusing experience, and the more I try to decide, it seems the bigger the pros and cons become.

My current set-up is:
Nikon D5000
18-105mm VR
70-300mm VR
35mm F1.8
SB400 Flash

Had my DSLR for about a year (previously inherited my late fathers FED4 film camera!!) and have been very happy with it to date.

Like to shoot wildlife / scenic shots along with the usual seasonal / family / holiday pics.

What am I looking for? Better image quality (of course), more creativity and flexibility and something I can grow with. I don't intend to be a pixel / technology chaser and renew my body every year.

My choices are either D90, D5100 or D7000 and the pros and cons to me are:

Pros: This was my original choice but the price was too high at the time for a first DSLR.
Top LCD, Better screen & viewfinder, internal motor etc
Has good reputation as an iconic photographers camera.
Cons: Same 'internals' as D5000 so could be a sideways move?
Investing in older technology? Some are claiming even the D3100 outperforms it?

Pros: Better articulated screen, improved sensor and processor.
Cons: Basically an upgraded D5000 so still a sideways move?

Pros: Top LCD, Better screen & viewfinder, internal motor etc as D90
Much better spec and latest technology

Cons: Price! Some horror stories on here with quality issues (hot pixels, oil on sensor, focusing and over exposure to name a few)
Is it too much of a leap too soon?
Are my lenses good enough for the D7000 to get the best out of it?

Incidentally, is the 16-85mm vr lens really that much better than the 18-105mm vr to consider upgrading?

Even considering a D300s but I think that's a leap too far!!

Although it seems a great camera, my current thinking is to dismiss the D5100 as it's too similar in design to the D5000 and it will only leave me wanting to change again before I'm ready. I've been into store and handled both the other two, whilst the D7000 felt very nice, I have to say the D90 felt 'just right'.

Been so close several times lately to buying one of these two cameras but these dilemmas keep making me stop at the last minute.

That's why I've joined this forum. There's a wealth of knowledge on here, along with people who own both cameras and know a lot more than me on what they're talking about.

Hoping someone out there can guide me along the right path and stop me cracking up over this!!

Thank you in advance for any helpful guidance or advice you can give me.

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