any ZR3 aka ZX3 users? Request samples, advice.

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any ZR3 aka ZX3 users? Request samples, advice.

A warm hi to the forum!

I'm looking for some advice on a camera purchase choice. The ZX3 seems to have some good reviews, but I don't see many photos on either pbase or flickr or dpreview galleries, particularly those that would help me evaluate the general performance or IQ of this camera.

How do the current ZX3 users rate their satisfaction with the camera? I'm looking to recommend a camera to my father, and considering the ZX3 and the Canon IXUS 115 HS aka Elph 100 HS. Not many user photos of the 100 HS present, either, so far.

I've used/ owned a few Canon cameras and here are my gripes about the Canons, although the reviewers never seem to mention them. Or maybe it's just me.

  1. Mush in the vegetation, grass and trees. I personally find this to be my pet peeve wrt the Canons... many a times the leaves just look like an amorphous mass, particularly in the corners (more in the next point).

  2. Corner softness. The lens on the powershots and the IXUS are not all that great in this regard.

  3. Flat looking images, cartoonish colors. This is largely a matter of personal preference. I also think the Canons lack certain microcontrast.

How would the ZX3 users rate their cameras in the above three regards, plus,

a) Focus accuracy. Does the camera AF work well? Does it happen that you snap the photo satisfied but later find the results unsharp?

b) OIS reliability. Again, here, predictability of the IS system is important. Does it work consistently well? About how many stops' worth is it?

c) From what I see from the review samples on the web, the noise does not bother me much as long as it is grain-like. You assessment?
d) Any known issues about the camera I need to be aware of?

Lastly, I'd really appreciate if the users can share some of their work with this camera. Nothing like images to help decide whether the camera delivers.

many thanks in advance,

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