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flash for 60D

Hi all,

This week I bought the EOS 60D camera with 18-135 kitlens, as replacement for my Powershot Pro1. As you can understand I'm still in the learning curve.

I have a problem with my external flash, the Soligor DG-420Z. http://www.soligor.de/src/product_details.php?cPath=&pid=58447&soligorSession=cbdd7f083ae78df31dd51227d43cead4
I have used this flash for many years with my Pro1.
But it doesn't work properly with my new 60D.
The 60D does recognize this flash (symbol in OVF) and also fires the flash.
But it always fires at max. lightoutput, with wrong lighted pictures as result.

The flash does NOT react (zoom) when zooming the lens. For some reason the 60D does NOT recognize this flash as an E-TTL unit. In the 60D MENU when choosing the flash settings page for an external flash, the 60D states no compatable flash was found.

What goes wrong?

If have asked Canon. They say:
"We have not tested this flash with any of our cameras and can not say if
it will work correctly with any of them. Also the voltage of the flash
maybe to high for your 60D and may damage the hotshoe. I would recommend
using the EX series of flashes with our DSLR line."
Can the Soligor damage my EOS 60D?

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