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Re: Try "TWSS" - Tom's wrist strap system

Gerd Waloszek wrote:


Thank you for your instructive post. I can feel for you -- I am always anxious that the camera or module might fall out of the bag.

Actually, I am more inclined toward neck straps than wrist straps. I do not know why, maybe because I want to have my hands free while walking around. I also received proposals for combining the idea of a wrist strap and a neck strap. Maybe, one day, I will publish a web page will all the proposals that I received from various people. I hope that they will all to agree that I publish their proposals...

My wife is using a wrist strap for her R's and CX's and like you she used one with an adjusting clip. We bought such a strap a couple of years ago, and she is using it for all her cameras (in older times she had a Canon Ixus, which had such a wrist strap...).

Best regards,

Gerd my ideas are simple, usable and unpatentable. If they can help anyone feel free.

Methods of attaching cameras to prevent dropping and provide ease of use are very personal and what works for me will not necessarily work for others.

Having a wrist strap can be a bother and on my dslr gear I have very stout straps that are strong enough to let the camera "dangle" for a short period whilst I use both hands.

Energetic movements with a dslr equipped with battery pack and large lens are not recommended with the gear hanging from your wrist but I have done this when I have needed to use both hands for a short while quite a few times without disaster so far.

Will post up some images to show how I personally have tackled the problem.

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