Some new SD1 samples!!!

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Re: not pixel-sharp

This looks much much softer than a real (sorry: old) Foveon shot.
I still think the problem is the lens or the shooter, not the camera.

BTW what is a 181% crop? Did you uprez the file to 181% of its original size? Any reason behind the number?

SigmaChrome wrote:

This is a 181% crop of the petrified forest shot. Does anyone see any "Bayer-ish" here. Maybe a direct comparison with a D7000 or 7D would be helpful.

Click Original to view full size.

To me it looks like Foveon all the way down.

If this was made with firmware 0.91 - what's fw 1.00 going to look like?


Capture all the light and colour!

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