Some new SD1 samples!!!

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Re: Some new SD1 samples!!!

I've read about 5-ish posts, and there's a lot more below the level I'm at, but I decided to just assess these sample images without any further influence. I agree that the most 'Foveon-esque' image at 100% in the bunch from the SD1 is the aforementioned colourful rock close-up using the 70mm macro. The super-wide zoom and the primes shots aren't bad, if you can crop out the outer 20% margin for unacceptable sharpness and probably-beyond-fixable CA (yes, I know that it can be fully removed with this degree of occurrence, but doing so makes it even harder still to preserve any 'Foveon look').

Boy-oh-boy, do the optics play a huge role in the image quality.

I hope all my EXes will be up to muster, or more realistically, just not made to look ridiculous. This sensor eats glass for lunch!

An interesting thing is that if you crop out the outer edges, and then do an even-fractional downsample for the remaining part of the image - it begins to look like a Foveon shot again for many of the shots. Actually, it often looks beautiful, when you do that.

Funnily enough, the DP2s shots look pretty good, quality wise (excluding composition). When trying to pick the best SD1 shot early on, I accidentally included the DP1x shot, then had to remove it when I came to that realization.

I think I'm beginning to really appreciate my existing Foveon!

I would love to see some low ISO shots. Plus I think some of those SD1 shots went beyond the cameras's aperture capabilities in terms of emphasizing circle of confusion for a super-dense sensor. And how were these processed? The JPG EXIF says Photoshop Elements for Windows v.7, but the bottom of the web page says Sigma Photo Pro. Please tell me these were at least exported lossless before processing them next in Elements. Even then, you can get side effects when processing things like noise and sharpness more than once or using successive passes. To me, I think most appear to have too much sharpening and possibly weird noise-removal artifacts applied? There are posterization blotches (sometimes even streaks) in the areas of super-subtle colouration changes, and that's one of the beautiful things Sigma handled better than anyone else in the past. Maybe that's the result of Post-Processing the shots twice (it said there was dust-removalicious steps or translations to that effect).

The only way these SD1 shots really look like Foveon images is when they have the outer lens effects cropped and the remainder evenly downsampled.

Now I saw some other SD1 samples by a different photographer (someone in the U.S. - there was a link in this forum about a week ago) at three magnifications: a reduced full-frame reference shot, a 100% crop and a 500% crop, and they didn't look bad at all. In fact, they looked like what I was expecting from this camera. The images were of a coin and a hand, if I recall correctly.

In summary, my only two points are that:
1) hopefully the firmware and SPP (or Elements?) will improve by launch, and,

2) if they can't, it looks like I'm gonna be able to get myself one of these for CAD$800 much faster than I hoped for, so I can crop and downsample them and use it as a faster, weather-sealed Sigma body, and not have to upres images anymore!

Anyway, that's my gut response before reading any further posts that might cloud my perception. Hope I wasn't nuts and letting a knee-jerk reaction rule my rationality. Apologies in advance if that was the case. Enthusiasm rapidly depleted takes sense right along with it.

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