Some new SD1 samples!!!

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Re: Enlarge the photo

well i see a lot of artifacts and a lot of oversharpening, not really great fine details.

i have sd14 and i know the per pixel sharpness at 4 million pixel. is much much better than this.

personally considering all the problems linked to foeveoon, and that seems also in the sd1, i ll take my k5 nigh and day, simply beacuase i can shoot everywhere and in everry ligh tcondition.
in myy opinion thi camera is overpriced even at 2000 dollar.

rtoml321 wrote:

jonny1976 wrote:

i opened them and i m not impressed. any bayerish camera with a good glass can do that. thinking this camera can reach 45 million is cheating, even at 28 is cheating. this camera is on par just with the actual 24 mm full frame.
in my opinion all the photo show a lot of sharpening and artifacts due to this.

i need more sample to a complete evaluation but i'm thinking the foveon magic end up at 4 million pixel.

Well, I believe that there may be some bayer camera can do this, but not that much. When considering open at 100% to view the image, the number will be reducing to single number. Just a few photos from FF+great lens satisfy me with the same result under full image view.

Just wait and see for the final firmware.
Nevertheless, I agree that SD1 should not cost this much. A terrible price tag.

rtoml321 wrote:

IMO, these photos in the article are too small to show the merit of X3. Right click on the image and open the image in new window. These are pretty impressive shots.

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