D700 with 17-55 a temp lens?

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Just looking at this again

bobn2 wrote:

agc1976 wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

But overall, one would wonder what's the point of spending a lot on a camera which is the figurative equivalent of baggy clothes. Sure, it has a lot else going for it, but to argue that the low pixel density makes the final images any better, in any real sense is simply false. It might simply mask other defects.

So you're saying that being able to hand hold a shot on the D700 at roughly half the shutter speed of the same shot at the D7000 is not an advantage?

Am I? I don't remember saying that. I said 'it has a lot else going for it' and one of those things is the FX sensor, which makes larger apertures available which allows shorter shutter speeds (if you don't mind the shallow DOF).

What I should have said is 'it is nonsense'. Of course you cannot hand hold a shot on a D700 at any lower shutter speed than the D7000? It's such a ludicrous idea that I didn't even read it right first time. Camera shake depends on angular displacement, and there is no reason why the angular displacement of the D700 is going to be any less than the D700, except, perhaps, that its greater inertia might damp down a little of the shake.

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