Need help to choose a a Laptop

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Re: Need help to choose a a Laptop

I've owned several Dells before. As stated earlier, I was a dedicated PC user since the early '80s. I currently own in my household 5 Macbooks ranging from 17" Macbook Pros to the 11" Macbook Air (that's not including 2 iPads and one iPad 2). My minor in college was Computer Information Systems. I'm a computer geek to some extent. In my place of employment we are transitioning to all Apple computers.

I said all that to say this. I can tell you that if you can afford it, Apple computers are hands down better for doing photography work. I recently purchased the Macbook Air for traveling purposes. If you have a lot of gear as I do, you try to be as light as and as powerful as you can when traveling. The Macbook Air fits that bill; a combination of light weight and processing power that suits my needs. JMHO In my circle of friends, I only know of professional photographer who is using a PC and he admittedly confessed it was a matter of economics that kept him from purchasing a Mac. The reason I'm so adamantly enthused about the Mac is because I've used both platforms (PC & Mac) extensively and know that for photography work Macs will serve you better.

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